It's a valid question to ask.

Not only in general but at a personal level - it's a good thing to ask oneself as a professional, "What is it I do again?"

In my case, what I do is help people. Recruiters help people.

That's what we do.

That's not BS. It's not made up! Hear me out.

Because people often think recruiting, especially agency recruiting, is about making money (lots of it) and manipulation, smooth talking a hiring manager like a snake oil salesman or hard-ball negotiating a candidate like an enforcer.

Those are stereotypes (and negative ones at that), distracting from the main point.

And recruiting isn't about boolean searches or metrics or databases or contact lists - because those are all simply "means to an end", "tools of the trade"... With AI and machine learning, that stuff will all be out-dated before much longer anyway. The old tools are already on their way out the door in fact.

At bottom, Agency Recruiting is about helping people. It's about bridging the gap - whether it's a knowledge gap or a gap in connections. It's about expanding people's networks, about introducing good people to other good people who are the closest possible fit for them, much like matchmaking. It's about adding value, doing favors and building trust.

BECAUSE if it wasn't, then I'd lose my job.

Why would anybody pay me or refer me candidates or give me new business if I've not actually added value to their lives in any way?

If I've not clarified a need or made an introduction or identified a new home for a talented and ambitious yet humble candidate --- then why would anybody return the favor?

Recruiting is an exchange of favors.

At its most basic level, it's about offering something of deep inherent value (getting talented people a new job and getting a team a high performing new team member) and receiving in return, referrals and recommendations (AND money - because after all, recruiting is what I'm paid for. It is my job.)

And a damn good job it is!

What do I do again?

Help people.

I love recruiting.