Those who know me well will know I really, really dislike most (probably all, I am yet to meet one I like) motivational quotes. I don't need to read/post a positive quote on my Instagram to inspire me to be a better person. That's just me if, that's what gets you out of bed in the morning, go for it- you do you!

January is a constant stream of motivational quotes/pictures/memes/T-shirts(?!). Everywhere you look there is something telling you how you could be a better/smarter/cleaner/more organised person. It's exhausting. 

You know what I am not going to do in 2018? I am not going to learn French, get up at 5am to go to the gym, stop using my credit card or not inhale an entire bag of Mini Eggs (literally, just happened).

I am going to continue to use the snooze button, regularly use my Asos premier and binge watch Netflix series. 

We are constantly talking about all the things we could do to be "better." The 'ifs' and 'whens,' and this constant striving to improve ourselves is making us miserable. 

There is not enough time to do/read/learn everything, and life is too short to not focus on what makes you happy. 2018 is the year I stop analysing everything I do and kicking myself when it isn't good enough. This year I am saying no to resolutions and no to things I don't want to do or things that don't make me happy. 

We all convincing ourselves we will be happy if we do this or stop doing that. Turns out "there is no there". There will always be more, you will always be berating yourself because there will always be something else you could do or have done better. Accepting sometimes you'll mess stuff up or it's ok to have flaws will actually make for a far happier existence.  

NB. Apologies if you were looking for some actual motivational quotes.