It's my last blog for the year and as I looked around for inspiration I found it at the core of what we do.  What I love about salt is we truly embrace what it means to be family friendly. From day one, when we opened salt in our NZ office in 2003, we knew to attract and retain the best talent in the market we needed to create a flexible work environment. 

An environment where people felt comfortable bringing work and life together.  That has always meant that we have had family members in our business. From providing work and summer internships to allowing the team's children to come to work and hang out, including pets!

We know our team is happier when they know their families are being looked after, and happiness delivers better experiences for our customers in return. 

Today we have had a few of the junior salties in, helping and hanging out and the laughter and energy they bring is priceless.  

Family-friendly ..... it's not an HR policy, it's a philosophy.