A wise person once told me that recruitment is now a form of marketing. As someone who’s always believed in the recruitment motto “sell the dream-promote the talent” I certainly echo this statement.

Recruiters are in essence brand ambassadors for their clients and I for one have never wanted to work on a requirement that I didn’t 100% believe in. The more passion and creativity you can bring to a search the more likely it is that the client will end up with the superstar candidate they always wanted.

Following these steps should lead to happy faces all round

Brief encounters:

It all starts with a solid job brief, this is how you market the requirement to your candidate. Being able to understand why your client is hiring, the company turnover, what success looks like and what the daily responsibilities are will ensure you can provide a complete picture to your candidates. A prescriptive job spec doesn’t even give half the story.

It’s not you, it’s me:

Sometimes the feedback we receive is nice, sometimes not but it’s always useful. Once you have given your candidate a great job brief, met face to face and sent them off to the interview fully prepared…what now? Getting full and detailed feedback from both sides with the full detail obtained = more control gained. Candidates and clients crave feedback! It’s our job to ensure that this is provided in an accurate, honest and timely manner.  The #1 criticism of recruiters is the lack of feedback…. change this and you change our world!

Control is vital:

This was the phrase used in my boarding school’s Design & Technology lab but I think it rings true in recruitment. You can do all the above but if you haven’t been confirming the basic details (salary, notice period, visa details, location, family commitment, interest) then you are in for a rude awaking! Things change on a daily basis, so you need to be re-confirming at all stages.

Wishing everyone a very merry Xmas