Key findings from a recent Balderton Capital report:

London, Paris & Berlin dominate the European start-up landscape today

Hiring is getting harder, with technical and product hires the toughest to make

Technical talent is highly mobile across Europe’s hubs, especially engineering

London has a particularly mobile workforce, with 40%+ of founders coming from or spending considerable time abroad

Almost 50% of employees previously worked in a start-up or large tech company, rather than traditional professions

London is the most popular destination for developers looking to work abroad

Pay for engineering roles can vary by almost 4x across European hubs

Start-ups can expect to scale the number of people by 12x between seed and growth rounds

It takes an average of 20 weeks and over $5K to hire senior talent, longer with visas

A lack of specialist skills and the time to hire are the biggest challenges when making new hires

Pay in the UK for Tech Talent is ranked as follows:

1) Engineering Manager

2) DevOps

3) Product Manager

4) Backend Developer

5) Data Scientist

6) Full Stack Developer

7) Account Management

8) Sales & Business Development

9) Mobile Developer

10) Growth Hacking

11) UX/UI Design

12) Front End Developer

13) Designer

14) Content Creator

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