Last Friday the salt NZ crew jumped on a ferry and headed to Goldie Estate on Waiheke Island to review the year and share our direction and focus for 2018.   We engaged TeamOne in NZ who we have used previously to lead some core sessions for us.  It was during their first session which was centred around the story and timeline of salt that I found myself feeling a little emotional and here’s why.

We started salt over 14 years ago and have since acquired businesses locally and globally and in the last two years merged with another salt (smart move saves confusion when you re brand ) and what was once a one office business in 2003 today is 8 offices in 8 countries with a lot bigger salt family. 

During this exercise, we were encouraged to remember the good and the bad and plot this on a timeline, will the frenzy began and the memories kicked into gear we laughed and reminisced of stories of great wins we had, fun campaigns we had developed and of course the people that shape any business. Not only was this a good exercise to stretch the memory and remember what happened it really stirred my emotions.

 I truly think it was almost the first time I had stopped in 14 years to reflect on all that had happened. I am fortunate to own a business with my brother and we had a quick chat as we were doing this exercise and both acknowledged that we rarely reflect on what we have achieved. Then you add general business pressure to the picture and you can forget just why or how we should do things.

Part of the exercise saw some of the newer team members telling our story and that night as we relaxed I was delighted when a couple of the newer team said “wow that story was great I feel so much more personally connected with the business”.  Whilst they knew “the official story” it was hearing all the memories, the wins, the losses and the real-life that happened along the way. So clearly my emotions weren’t the only ones stirred.

If anything, I came away feeling incredibly proud of what we have created, the wins, the losses the successes the failures and the people who have shaped our business. However, 14 years was way too late to reflect so I urge you, as we near the end of another year take a moment and update your story and take a moment to reflect.