On 2nd November my wife and I were blessed with the birth of our daughter Elodie. Being a father for the first time and naturally being in the talent business, I have already started thinking over the past 6 weeks about where she will be in 21 years as she starts her career.

We all know that career planning leads to more positive career outcomes, but at what point should you start??

Whether it is right for parents to encourage a child in a particular direction has been debated endlessly. However you direct it though, I believe a parents goal that their child secures a 'good job' once they complete education is a universal desire of all parents.

So what is a ‘good job’?

The easy answer to this question is one that pays well. However as this article in US News highlights:


There are myriad examples of people who are paid well but hate their job and vice versa.

I decided to compose my own criteria for a ‘good’ job:

Variety: I believe that a variety of tasks and different projects keeps a role from getting stale.

Interest: The job must genuinely be interesting to the person doing it

Challenging: The job cannot be too easy or complacency and ultimately boredom set in

Helping others: It's been proven that the feel-good factor from helping others is a major contributor to job satisfaction

Team-based: Working solo for long periods leads to challenges with social interaction and can lead to depression

Opportunity: There must be a chance to get better at the job and achieve goals and milestones that will allow advancement

So taking all of these factors into account what is the best job for my little daughter?

The answer: Become the Director of a Digital Recruitment business like her dad 😉