For some of us, when we started our professional lives as fresh graduates, we were “lost in translation”, in the sea of job functions, job titles, and possibilities, without knowing exactly what we want to do.

In my case, I found marketing and communication both too broad with hundreds of attractive possibilities, but also hundred possibilities to make the wrong choice.

To help you to make the right choice, people usually speak about skills you need to develop, and goals you should set, in order to achieve a position or a level in the hierarchy.

To be honest, none of this advice helped or influenced me.

The main drivers for my decision - and source of passion to wake up every morning to go to the office - was my admiration for 2 of my bosses during my career.

I was impressed by how these women were so passionate about what they were doing, almost to the point that they didn’t seem to be “working” in the normal sense. As a result, I was inspired by what kind of woman I would love to be, and not just what job I wanted to do.

When you are 25, somehow, you are still developing your personality and identity. The people you meet on your way can have a big influence on this process. Those people are very significant and they can help you, or unfortunately, in some cases, they can discourage you.

So, what I am suggesting is to Find your professional Guru! Someone who inspires you, someone you want to be like, someone you don’t want to disappoint. It will help you to be the best you can be, and to overcome obstacles and to reach a personal goal: in other words to build yourself.

For any boss, this should be a key consideration too. It’s very easy to teach skills and expertise, but being inspirational it’s another story. Make your team admire you and want to be like you and this is the best KPI one can assign to him/herself.

Bosses can judge and evaluate employees, but employees will do the same in return as they see a lot of bosses coming and going, they know what a good boss looks like. People don’t remember a good boss for his CV, but for the motivation he or she brought to make people come every day, and share their talent for the sake of the company.

We start our careers by admiring others, though we should strive to be the people others admire as we progress, both in our professional and personal lives too.