I still wouldn't have bought a house because Tim Gurner is wrong and I don't actually buy THAT many. Probably because they are never ripe in England and thus generally useless. In fact, only £128 million worth of avocados were purchased in the UK last year. 

If, however, I had a pound for every time a baby boomer, who owned a house at 17 and had their degrees paid for by the state, told me 'young people these days have never had it so good' I would be able to buy a village, filled with avocados. 

As a millennial, I have always found the negatives thrown around about us personally offensive. Entitled, self-obsessed, sensitive etc etc etc. While, there are elements of narcissistic behaviour in millennials channeled in the right way, the benefits to employers are incredible. We are the worst kind of people... unless we are the best! 

Millennials count for a huge % of the current workforce. Employers will have to shift their working practices to attract and retain staff from this generation. Companies who get it right will have a huge competitive edge in securing the best talent. 

So, what do millennials want? Sushi? Avocado toast stations? meditation time? Actually, not really (Although I wouldn't say no). What we actually want is quite simple:

Exciting work- We are purpose driven and, want to work in a business who has values that reflect our own personal values. It's also important we have an environment where we are comfortable, want to spend time and are surrounded by people we are inspired by. 

We want to feel like we have a voice and are having a positive impact on the work that we do. 

Flexibility- I covered a lot of this in my previous avocado blog 


Flexible working promotes better productivity and staff engagement. Proven in numerous studies, over and over again. Now, with many millennials moving into leadership roles the way we motivate and manage staff will continue to evolve and change. 

Control- "If CEO's try and control in the old way then millennials will walk but if you can harness their ideas, passion, and energy then that's going to power the future success of the company" Steve Tappin, CEO Coach.

Millennials are ready to take on the world. Our parents told us we can do it—and we can.  We are always looking to provide input and ideas. Encourage these voices, thoughts, and opinions.

P.S. To overcome the ripe avocado issues we face I find going out for avocado toast less rage inducing. Maybe, Tim Gurner wasn't wrong after all!