In celebration of a recent poll that indicated a majority of Americans no longer care what the gender of their boss is, here's a literal transcription of a conversation I had with my four-year-old daughter walking home from school a short while ago:

Why were you late? Why were you the last one? Everybody else already got picked up.

Because of my work.

You have to ask your boss to leave more early, right?

Yep, that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to ask her next week, so I arrive earlier next time.

You mean "he", right? Because bosses are boys.

Nope, my boss is a girl. Do you remember when you went to see the puppet show with the cat in boots (Puss in Boots)?

Yeah yeah yeah!

The girl who watched that with you, her mom is my boss.

Really? I thought she was just a worker!

A co-worker? Yes. She is also my boss. My boss is a girl.

That's cool. Why then was she at a computer?

Where did you think she was supposed to be working?

I thought bosses work in a nice calm place by their self.

Like a private office?

Like a room with walls and a door.

Oh yeah - Some bosses do. It depends on the boss, and it depends on the company.

You know, girls can also be moms.

That's true. Girls can be moms, and they can be bosses too.

But a lot of bosses are boys.

Yes, unfortunately, that's true. But that's gonna change.