Australia has always been a place that I’ve wanted to come back to. Ever since my first visit back in 2013 I knew I’d be back...Fast forward 5 successful years working in the rat race that is London, it was the right time for me to embark on a new challenge in the southern hemisphere.

I was constantly being contacted about international roles but none ticked all the boxes. Thanks to Salt that’s all now changed. I’ve finally been given the chance to live that dream, to relocate to Australia and have traded in the grey clouds of London for the sunny blue skies of Sydney.

I was lucky enough to know a few people working at Salt and had heard of their success and the platform that they had been given. When this opportunity arose, it was too good to turn down. Within a month I had my flights booked and bags packed. I was ready to return.

Moving to a new country I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from the recruitment industry, however, this all became apparent very quickly! The market is much smaller in Australia so building a strong community of candidates and clients has been vital. I’ve found that Salt work with many exciting creative companies, it's awesome to be able to find them top talent both locally and internationally. I can honestly say that customer experience is right at the top of Salt’s agenda.

Working in London taught me a lot. I’m hoping I can transfer those skills and follow in the footsteps of many before me.