I'll begin this by admitting I am nearly the complete personification of the term 'Millennial'. I don't own a house, I have several avocados ripening in my rented flat, my ASOS Premier account is used weekly and I long for the happy harmony of work/life balance. 

Through my job I speak to many recruitment business leaders and the problem of how to manage a workforce Vs how to keep their team's pesky millennial needs met is an issue most are battling with. Recruitment is an industry not renowned for its flexibility but, times are changing and we need to adapt. Some traits that seem alien and 'entitled' *eye roll* to an older workforce will become the norm. 

I completely appreciate the challenges associated with flexibility. How will we know they are working? Will productivity be as high? Will fewer people in the office everyday kill the buzz? 

A lot of the difficulty lies (mainly) at the more junior end where you do need to be on-site to be coached, mentored and taught the way. Flexibility, like most things, has to be earned. The difficulty also lies in the fact Recruiters are often difficult. 

Millennials get a hard time so I'll give you some positives about our behaviors which lend themselves to a more flexible way of work life: 

1) We have grown up with technology so are completely savvy with apps, social media and understanding the digital landscape. We can work remotely because we don't have to 'go to work' we can just work. 

2) Millennials are motivated by job satisfaction/personal development and seek meaningful relationships both in and outside of work. Pay isn't the most important thing.We will succeed because we want to and it's important to us. 

3) We are known for being impatient but, with this comes a tenacity constantly looking to get things done and as quickly and as efficiently as possible. 

4) All these avocados we are eating are full of omega 3s keeping us super healthy so less sick days and more productivity! Kind of a joke but also not- we more than previous generations are much more health conscious. 

5) Forbes staff writer Caleb Melby states, “We are taught to think that if something has been a certain way for very long, there’s a possibility that it’s no longer good enough.” We are constantly working against stagnation and towards new/better ways of working. Millennials are flexible and like change. 

Keen to hear how businesses recruitment or otherwise have created flexible work environments.