In an age of digital avoidance, how often do we submit, admit or accept our return to innocence: our first day at school, our first date, our wedding day – life-changing and significant days in our life calendar. But how about our first job; our 2nd job; our first job abroad; a promotion; a career life goal conquered…? 

Where we have an opportunity at the end of our arms each day via our mobile phone, how often are we mindful enough to breathe in the significance and flavour of interviewing for our next role; the first interview, the 2nd interview and, lord behold, the final interview!

So now as a recruiter, how deeply do we consider our significance to the lives of millions of people all over the world: the first job, the job changes to support a new family home; the job for Bob who has been out of work for 6-months after a period of depression; the broken marriage that resulted in a broken home and relocation, financially supported by a pay rise and a job with a global player. Every interview, every contact we have is another personal story; the highs, the lows, the anxiety, depression, joy and jubilation that a job change can provoke: as a recruiter are we listening?

I got into recruitment after a chance conversation in the men’s locker room at the LA Fitness Gym in Kingston in 1997 with a guy that had just sold his recruitment company, telling me how he went to schools and colleges pitching the students to get into IT and register with him to get them a job in a bank or global company. Having been delivered some pretty uninspiring speeches thus far on my Real Estate Degree, this conversation really struck home that I could inspire others into employment and essentially change lives – one may say create futures. But the sentiment and passion that this lets loose, has always remained with me; and whilst the way I go about my day and methods encouraged have evolved, I stand firm on this message and significance of recruiters on our global economy.

So, as we pick up the phone to our next candidate, prepare the email to explain the opportunity, or take a brief from a client, please remember this: delivered correctly and with care, recruitment is one of the most ethical jobs on the planet - so be proud and each day work with our customers to return to innocence.