Is there room for superstitions in Sales?

As a recruitment consultant (or anyone in sales really), you are frequently asked to forecast your business. Whether this is to pledge the deals you plan to do for the week, the money you expect to bring in for the year, or predictions for future budgets, we are always predicting (using smart tools) results.

In a (recruiters) world where a deal can drop at any point (even if paperwork has been signed!), it is always tricky to predict when and if it will happen. For me, this is something I find very difficult to do. Not because of the usual problems we have, but because I don’t want to “Bok” the deal.

I am very superstitious and feel that by calling a deal in advance of it 100 billion million percent happening, I fear to jinx it and therefore it could drop out. I used to have a pair of shoes I wore every day I was hoping for a deal to close, and each time it would work, until one time it didn’t, so I stopped wearing them.

My question is, will thinking this way automatically put me in a negative state of mind? If I was confident and predicted the deal, is it more likely to happen? Is having a positive mental attitude going to ensure the deal is done?

My managers are always saying to me "Think positive, call the deal, it will happen!" but the superstitious side to me is saying, hold back, just in case something goes wrong. There must be an in-between? Do we all just live positively in a perfect world where everything we expect to close happens because we predict it, or is there room for superstitions in sales?