Changing jobs is a big deal, make your choice and make it count!


Why push yourself in the first place? You could always take the easy option and stick with the job you're in, "better the devil you know" and all that.

If you like your routine, changing jobs means thinking about a new pattern, a new journey, meeting new people, lots of change. Lots of people don't like change in fact lots of people don't even like getting out of bed! So why do you even get out of bed and go to work anyway? 

Here is your first tip, never live your life without being bold enough to follow your heart. Right from the moment you wake up your alarm clock is your opportunity clock - pure cheese I know, but try this: 

Take the opportunity, push yourself, you never want to regret running out of time; which will definitely not wait for you.

I know starting something new may be terrifying, but it will make you hungry. You will not be able to be lazy, even though you do not know what will happen you will have that pressure to make it.

People may say you are not ready, they may not push you so don’t even bother asking.  

Show it. 

Do it. 

Trust you.

The choices you make are the defining moments in your life, if you don't make them they will never come. 

Don’t wait until they tell you that you are ready. 

What is the worst that can happen?

“Ever tried, ever failed, no matter, try again, fail again, fail better, the world is yours.” Beckett