After 25 years in recruitment and as a business owner I certainly understand the value of a reference both for the client and the candidate.  However, this blog is for you the candidate and why the reference is worth it!

Let’s face it regardless of your approach to job seeking, someone at sometime is going to want to validate your work experience and that’s a good thing.

A referee can be your best advocate and help you secure the right role.  It’s not simply about validating the details it’s about hearing how great you are and what you can bring to the role. A reference that has been done well gives insight into who you are in the workplace and how to help engineer your success and get the best out of you.

Don’t be afraid of providing your referee details just simply ask the person conducting the references to advise you before they make the call. It is always a good idea to make contact, with your referees and make sure they are happy to provide a reference, give them an insight into the role and organisation so they can be fully prepared.

Don’t panic no reference is perfect and nor should it be after all we are all humans and everyone has areas to develop. The reference could be the difference between you and your dream job, so let them check you out a reference is well worth it.