Having just had the pleasure of all the Salt Board and Directors company I felt compelled to note how I was inspired to see everyone living and breathing our global strategy around customer engagement.  

The concept of synergy and working together was an underlining theme and there were so many examples of this adding massive value to all our contacts. It was fantastic to see members of our Dubai office share clients with the New York team and for the whole AsiaPac, Aus, NZ leadership team to be able to meet over a morning coffee to discuss how various engagement strategies can provide even better customer experiences across the regions. Our London office was able to discuss the massive success they have had working with clients across the entire European region. All of this has come from working as a cohesive team to share information and put customer experience at the top of our priority list.

So many examples of wins had come from initial engagements in different regions. Whilst everyone at Salt certainly appreciates cultural differences we see a global reach/local touch attitude brings the best results. It’s a bit of a cliché but the world is becoming a smaller place and that candidates are able to transition to a new location with greater ease every day.

Now a number of our competitors are “global” but I have never witnessed another recruitment consultancy place so much emphasis on working together to provide a superb customer experience every day. This goes so far beyond just having one standard CRM, it’s about the mindset of the consultants you work with.

So, if you’re a client whose requirements requires a proper global search or if you are a candidate who is considering a new adventure overseas then Salt should be at the forefront of your mind.