In early 2016, Salt entered into a strategic and exciting partnership with the Salt group: an award winning global digital recruitment agency. What once was a team of 20 became a team of over 180 with 8 offices around the globe.  One of the earlier conversations we had at Salt was to look beyond our current positions and consider a different direction if that was of interest.  This got me thinking – could you teach this dog a new trick?  

After nearly 20 years as a Temporary Consultant, I decided to change my specialisation from Temporary to Technology! Why, you may ask, because I wanted to embrace change, learn again, challenge myself and to be exposed to a whole new industry. I am so grateful that Salt gave me this opportunity, they have supported and encouraged me and I’ve gone from one of the teams that some may ask questions,  to the person asking daily questions (thank you, Tom!). I have read numerous blogs, Google has become my best friend, the terminology I use has changed and what once were words that made no sense, today they do. I had no idea Cucumber, AJAX and SOAP would be something other than on my shopping list. 

If you had asked me 2 years ago would my title ever be "Kelly Common -  Technology Specialist" - the phrase from the classic movie 'The Castle'  springs to mind: “Tellem they're dreamin'". Since my move, I have only looked forward and do believe that yes you can teach this dog a new trick!