"I hopped off the plane at JFK with a dream and (probably not) a cardigan. Welcome to the land of fame excess am I gonna fit in?" (Miley Cyrus, 2009)

Yes, if you read my second installment of 'essential' NYC relocation advice!

Here's a link to the first installment:


1) If you order a Vodka Lemonade the bar staff will look at you like you're mad. Sprite is "British bar lemonade" and ACTUAL lemonade made with real lemons is American lemonade*

* They don't sell this is most places. You'll get Sprite. 

2) Don't try to understand NFL/any American sport just get drunk and shout when everyone else does!

3) Pizza will never compare in London. Even when it's bad it's good. 

4) Anytime you think of doing anything in or around Times Square you'll regret it. Instantly.It's like Oxford Street at Christmas... on steroids!

5) UK Christmas lights will disappoint you forever more Americans take decorating to the next level. 

6) People in NYC are either insanely nice or utterly terrifying. Gone is the British indifference you have become accustomed to. 

7) When people are nice to you become conditioned to slip them some $

8) Tipping is a mind field. Who do I tip? Waiters? Sure. Cabs tell you to but how about the person packing your bag in Trader Joes? Unclear. 

9) 20% tipping is pretty standard for most services. In some cases, anything less than 20% will be taken as a personal insult.

10) You'll be able to buy one bagel and live off it for an entire day which, is lucky because it will set you back $15.

11) Scallion is spring onion, cilantro is coriander and a potluck is a buffet. 

12) I am pretty sure SoulCycle is an actual cult. The Tom Cruise kind. 

13) Drug stores sell more things that could potentially kill you than cure any illness #Gatorade 

14) Look after your bank card- unless you try and get cash out you will literally be able to use someone else's card for weeks if you accidentally pick it up after brunch (and vice versa!)

15) NYC is the most convenient city literally everything you'll need is within a 2 block radius.