No - I'm sorry. We cannot.

It might be really tempting to throw in the towel when it comes to diversity and call it quits.

"That was fun while it lasted. A lot of great progress made! Now let's move on and get back to work."

Sorry - but that is really not practical.

It might feel easy to dismiss "Diversity" as a trending fad.

Or feel righteous to discredit published pieces and scheduled events as PR stunts.

"Most companies are talking about D&I only because it's building their brand. It gets them attention. They're not really doing anything about it that's effective. It's all just empty talk."

We don't win points for complaining and we can't change the world unless we first transform ourselves. Don't wait for your company to hire a VP of Talent & Diversity. What are you doing, what can you be doing now to re-balance the equation?

This message is particularly apt for designers - because we say we're all about empathy.

If we can apply that to users, why not to stakeholders? If we can apply that to customers, why not our fellow employees? Why not our bosses?

If we can be our full selves with friends, why not too with co-workers (with whom we spend enough time every day, sharing workspace or assignments)?

There are reasons we give up on the diversity game. (A game that can be serious but also fun)

We get discouraged.

Or we're afraid.

Or we're uncertain, and we let the doubt overwhelm us.

Or we're burnt out or stumped for ideas.

Which is why it's great to get involved in group brainstorms!

Like the D&I Breakfast that Uncubed and Lingo Live co-hosted last week.

(Thanks to all who participated!)

It's why we need to NOT stop talking about it (diversity, that is). Though we might change up the approach, or change up who we talk to about it.

Experimentation's a very good thing.

No one knows THE solution.

So every idea is a good one until it's tested. And even if it fails, learn from it and make it better.

There's no stopping us now!

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