I am by no means a True 'New Yorker' (In fact I only lived there for a few months) but in reality, how many people who live in 'The City' really are?! For your reading pleasure, I have created some pretty (very) informal tips for anyone considering a move to the NYC. 

1) You'll very quickly start to think that $14 for a movie ticket/ cocktail/burrito is actually a steal. 

2) If you're from London you'll miss the tube on a daily basis. I actively avoided the subway but ended up with shin splints. 

3) Subway doors can and will close on you.

4) You'll learn to walk super fast because you're being shoved along/ you're avoiding the subway and have somewhere to be. 

5) Don't try and drink the 'tea'

6) You'll learn to survive on limited sleep. Bars are open until 4 am most days not just this Friday/Saturday nonsense. 

7) Once you get over the initial excitement of finding Reece's candy and Twizzlers everywhere you'll realise American sweets SUCK. What they lack in sweets they make up for in cheesecake and donuts! 

8) American Cadbury's is a horrible horrible impostor. 

9) Have friends that will fly to visit you and deliver supplies of Cadbury's. 

10) Don't take said Cadbury's into the office as the Brits will inhale as will Americans who have now realised what has been missing all their lives. 

11) America ruins bread with corn-syrup and you'll happily spend $10 on a sourdough loaf at the farmers market for bread not to be sweet.

12) You'll do the majority of your grocery shopping in CVS.

13) You will hear "you sound like you're from LAAAANNNDAANN" A LOT. Just laugh and don't bother trying to explain where Norwich/ Chichester/Hull are.

14) Dogs are allowed pretty much everywhere including your tiny tiny apartment.

15) Your 'Tupperware' collection will be made up of solely delivery containers. 

16) Your kitchen will rarely be used. Why cook when you can burrito?

17) Seamless will be your best friend and your demise

18) You will be charged at most ATMs to withdraw your own money. Luckily you can use your card nearly everywhere. 

19) Wholefoods will eat your money and most of your evening will be spent in the queue. 

20) That annoying TV in the back of your cab... you can turn it off. You're welcome. 

You will put on weight, you will be poorer than you have ever been but you'll have experiences that will last a lifetime.