Guess what?  I work on senior marketing hires within the technology sector, so I guess that makes me a ‘Woman in Technology’ so to speak…  A subject that since the early 90s has been at the forefront of millions of discussions globally.

But why are we still talking about this alone? 

You see, I’m a massive supporter of any type of diversity in the workplace, so whilst I’m looking at some of the amazing women out there who are at all levels within the technology space, what about the other groups that accompany the gender discussion… i.e. Disability, LGBT, Multicultural and Age?

Just by typing ‘Women in Technology’ into Google, you get 85.9m results – which is super. BUT with ‘Inspirational Tech Leaders’ and you yield just 1.5m. 

I don’t know about you, but I get my inspiration from the likes of Sheryl Sandberg and Carly Fiorina (HP’s ex-CEO, who ran for US president in 2016). However, Jacqueline Gold CBE is one of my personal favourites, and her achievements have been around selling female underwear!

My point is, we should be celebrating success across all industries and ALL diversity groups! The gap of senior females within the tech space, from say 20 years ago versus now, has narrowed (somewhat encouraging news); BUT it’s important to keep in mind that the sample size of women in much, much smaller than it is for men: just 6.4% of Fortune 500 chiefs are female.  This number alone increased 50% since last year (jumping from 21 to 32).

So, in conclusion - I ask one thing… can we widen the chat more around the whole diversity piece?  ‘Women in Tech’ awareness has achieved a lot towards what it set out to do, but onto the bigger equality issue now, please.

As Tim Cook (another favourite – and in case you didn’t know, Apple’s openly gay CEO) once said, “You want to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripple for change”.