The sun is shining and the sky’s blue, spring is certainly in full flow here in Australia. 

Soon, wide-eyed travellers from every corner of the globe will be flocking to our blessed shores. In order to prepare for this, Salt Australia thought it our duty to lend a hand and partner with Clean Up Australia. This superb organisation inspires communities or groups to conserve and repair our environment. 

Two intrepid teams set off for Bondi with a mission to make the beach and surrounding areas a little cleaner than they were before. It was only once our eyes were trained on the rubbish that it became apparent that “put it in the bin” seems to be a request rather than a demand for some people! Jono “The Womble” Tutty took to the task like a duck to water and was our champion Picker. 

It filled me full of pride when multiple locals came up to us with a friendly “well done” and “you blokes are doing a great job”. 

So, next time you find yourself enjoying one of our world-leading beaches or parks please place your trash in the facilities provided. I’m sure you do already :)