Call me old fashioned but having recruited for 25 years and as a business owner, I am dead against interviewing in cafes!  Just this week I was having breakfast and at the table, right next to me an interview was in full flight, presentation and all.  This café is a busy café as early morning breakfast goers and coffee addicts were kicking off their day so the noise levels were high and the confidentiality low.

The candidate had a presentation on his laptop up and running with lots of data and marketing plans outlined and was talking to the client about what he had he had achieved and how.  The client was having to lean in and a number of times asked the candidate for clarity and to repeat himself.  Every time people passed or moved tables and chairs to fit in the distraction was obvious, for both.

I am a big believer that the interview process is a two way, experience and for it to garner the best outcome for everyone a quiet, confidential space is key. How can you explore performance or competencies or market insights when you have no idea who you are sitting next to? Too often I have picked up market intel from sitting in airport lounges, planes or cafes because people are not conscious about the conversations they are having in public places.

I appreciate that a café can be fine once a decision has been made or its simply a more personal chat but café interviewing is not ok!