As recruiters in the digital world, we are constantly speaking with some of the greatest minds in the industry. We discuss their hiring needs, how we can be of service to their organization and ultimately how we can do business. More often than not, we forget that these leaders have an abundance of insight and advice that is worthy of being published in a New York Times bestseller (and potentially has been already).

Since I began my career at Salt, I have made a point of asking these thought leaders and innovators for the most valuable piece of guidance or advice they’ve been given in their career.

Here are the Top 10 I’ve received so far:

1. Stand Out: Do your research. Does a prospective client include their love for pancakes in the twitter bio? Send them a pancake recipe book. Do they love Pineapple pizza? Deliver one to their office. A love for donuts? Send over a box from the best shop in town.

2. Follow Up: Always, always, always follow up. Hand-written thank you notes are NOT obsolete.

3. Find Balance: Protect your personal time. Your performance will greatly improve if you remember to unplug and recharge.

4. Read.

5. Find the Blank Spaces: Do you see a gap in the market? Create a solution. The most innovative ideas do not often have followers or supporters. Be prepared for everyone to tell you that you’re crazy.

6. Use your Intuition: Any experience is a good experience. Always go with what your gut tells you and if it feels right, that probably means it is. 

7. Two Ears, One Mouth: What you say means nothing, what your customer believes is everything. Take time to engage with customers. Listen. Listen some more and continue to listen. 

8. If You’re Going to Do Something, Do It Right: “Do it right” doesn’t necessarily equate to perfection. It means committing wholeheartedly to the task at hand, your goals and your dreams. No exceptions or breaks or excuses. If you commit 100% there are no regrets or time wasted.

** Side Note: I admit, this one comes from my father. Who is not a leader in the tech world and would struggle to find the start button on a computer.

9. Acknowledge Your Worth: Shout out to the leading ladies in our industry. Be confident, have courage, recognize your self-worth and surround yourself with people who do the same. Before anyone believes in you, you have to believe in yourself.

10. Give x5 Before You Get This applies to business relationships, networking and remuneration. We live in the era of “ask”. Emails, phone calls, social media. Everyone asks too early. The more you invest in relationships, the more you will get what you need. Send your prospective clients articles of interest, videos, tips, share their articles, “like” their social media posts. Giving gains trust. Trust gains business. Give 5 to Get 1.

Thank you to all who have offered guidance and advice throughout the years. Your words are worth its weight in gold.