Recruitment can be a cruel mistress. Like the sea, on the surface what looks calm and inviting can be hiding horror we can only dream of.

Once you have managed to source that superstar candidate and negotiated with your client to deliver an offer its time for celebration, right? Well, it can be if you have laid the proper foundations and are 110% convinced that you have a perfect match. If ANYTHING has been left to chance then you could be staring down back-out alley.

So why do candidates drop out? From my own personal experiences and working with recruiters for over 10 years the following are a few key reasons.

Show me the money!

A candidate who is moving for purely financial reasons is the easiest for a current employer to turn. The expense of hiring a new employee far outweighs the cost of giving a pay rise to retain the current post holder.

Ostrich syndrome

Your candidate has raised concerns throughout the process. These can range from location, role responsibilities, package, working environment. You continue blindly with your fingers crossed that they will love the job once they start. If you are not trial closing your candidate at every stage and listening to these concerns 99.9% of the time the thing that you hoped wouldn’t happen happens!

Irons in the fire

Do you know how active your candidate is in the marketplace? If you are working with a super-star then it’s fair to assume that other consultancies hold the candidate in equally high regard. It’s highly likely that strong candidates have several opportunities underway at any time. Do you know where your role ranks in their order if it’s not clearly the 1st choice you best be looking for other candidates quickly.    

Dealing with humans means that at any time other factors can come into play. What was the case yesterday may not be the case today. It’s a bit of a recruitment cliché but my advice is ALWAYS BE CLOSING.

Good luck!