I know that you’ve all been waiting at the edge of your seat, as promised, here’s Part 2 of Ten Things I’ve Learned from being in the recruitment industry in Hong Kong.

 6. Patience is a virtue: The HR and hiring managers are very empowered by their organizations and rightly so! Their position requires them to involve several other departments in the decision making, making the hiring process more complicated and long. If you're not patient, you will lose out on a deal. I've seen companies come back to me about finding candidates for their openings which were discussed a year back!

7.You are never in full control: Well, that’s recruitment for you. One of the hardest parts about working in the recruitment industry is that no matter how great of a job you do for a client or candidate, there are always going to be unforeseen circumstances i.e.: hiring freeze or your candidate getting another competitive offer. I've found that by giving my best and then understanding that I'm not in full control of the outcome, is the best way to actually be in control - especially of your sanity!

8.Keep calm and carry on: Coming back to point number 7, since you’re never in control - the only thing you can do is keep going. Don’t spend too much attention on one role, make sure your pipeline is always full. There are always things to do. Meet old clients, call up that one candidate who found another job, find out what's new in the industry you service - and repeat!

9. Have a life: Recruitment is hard work! It requires you to both work smart and work longer. Job seekers can mostly talk to you after office hours, so we have to be available after work hours as well. The process becomes a part of your life, and next thing you know - you don't have one! Take out time from your busy schedules and meet your loved ones. Call or message them, and just say "Hi, Lunch on Sunday?".

10.Health is wealth: Recruitment is no doubt one of the most stressful jobs ever (said mostly by recruiters). Mental stress takes no time to become a physical pain. Make sure your diet is well balanced, eat your veggies, take your multi-vitamins and drink plenty of water. Have you tried 'walking meetings'?

These points are true to a lot of professions, and things I've realized are important in the recruitment industry.

What about you? What are some of YOUR Pro-Life Tips to working within the recruitment industry?