In the new brave digital world and the increase in IoT, the threat of cyber-crime is becoming more and more prevalent every day. One of the largest threats is the rise of Botnets ("robot" and "network").

Botnets and “zombies” are a series of internet-connected devices (not just computers but mobile, CCTV, GPS, etc.) where security has been breached. Botnet infections are usually spread through malware, such as a Trojan horse. Once this happens the hacker or “Bot-Master” can take control of the devices to spread e-mail spam, click fraud, cyber espionage and launch denial-of-service attacks. What’s worse the owner of the zombie computer often will not realise that their machine is infected.

What can I do to protect myself?

Many IoT devices have minimal or zero security protection so it’s vital that any possible prevention method is taken. The below may seem obvious but worth taking note of.

  • Suspicious links- don’t click on anything you are not sure about
  • Update all software on a regular basis
  • Have effective anti-virus software
  • Keep firewalls turned on

With the exponential growth of IoT devices over the next few years the risk of Botnets is certainly increased and Internet security is having to play catch up quickly.

It’s critical that governments, enterprises as well as individuals take caution.