Moving to the recruitment industry has been an eye-opener for me and taught me a lot, not only about people in general but also about myself. It's impossible to point out all that I've learned so far but here are the 10 major things I have learned from being a recruiter in Hong Kong. 

Let’s kickstart with part 1:

1. Empathy is Key

This should not be a surprise, but it's shockingly lacking in Hong Kong. When speaking with clients, always ask them about their pain points and how they cope with them. Understand what drives their decisions and advise them from their business point of view. The same empathy is needed to deal with the job seekers as well.

2. There is no room for assumptions

As the saying goes, "When you ASSUME, you make an ASS of U and ME".  Always ask and understand what the requirements are, and the reasons for such requirements. 

3. Nurture your relationships

There is a person behind the role - with their own ambitions, needs, and social life. One of the most fulfilling aspects of my job is to meet and talk to people and it would be such a waste if I did not learn about them and maintain a good relationship with them. 

4. It is not only about the money

While it is a motivating factor for sure, but being able to provide the job seekers with the right opportunity aligned with their career has been one of the most fulfilling aspects of my life. For me, that's what has kept me going. The money/salary/commission has always followed.

5. Where there's value, there's a way

 The real magic happens when you truly understand the needs of your clients. Give your clients valuable insights from your experience and let them know when they are wrong. The urge to say YES to your clients is very strong, but also may lead a recruitment Jedi to the dark side! A smart hiring manager would derive value from your insight and maybe even change the way they approach hiring for a particular job. If you treat a client as a commodity, then that’s exactly how your clients are going to treat you.

Whilst I know these are my recruitment lessons I really feel they have become life lessons! Stay tuned for Part 2 for 5 More recruitment lessons!