I was asked a question nearly 20 years ago “what makes you happy Kelly”?

I was sitting in the boardroom of a recruitment agency in Wellington with the director and was hoping to become their next  Recruitment Consultant. I was in my corporate best and answered  “People, I love making people happy” I sat there smiled and waited for her response.  Her response totally surprised me “Sorry to say Kelly but you will never make it in this industry, money, Kelly, money needs to make you happy”!  Safe to say the meeting pretty much ended there.

I had a further interview that day with another agency and surprise surprise I was asked the same question to which I replied: “People, I love making people happy”. I did not for one minute think about changing my response to what I thought they may have wanted to hear. This time the response was the polar opposite “Glad to hear that” The next day I received a call that would kick-start my career as a Recruitment Consultant.

Over the years I have met amazing people, people who have put their trust in me to secure employment or employees be it temporary, contract or permanent.  I can still recall the very first person I placed – a young guy with a family who was seeking a position that would offer him future prospects – he was over the moon (that’s what you said back then), and that feeling you get when you make those calls, it never gets old! I have had the privilege of working with a number of clients for 10 years plus and knowing when you have placed great talent with them or exceeded their expectations that too never gets old!

Please don’t think for one minute that I don’t understand the importance of sales/money that would simply be wrong and I realised that within my first week. I do however understand and believe the importance of making a successful placement and if this is done right then the money will follow.

So here I am nearly 20 years later and should anyone ask me that same question today my response will still be exactly the same – “People, I love making people happy”!