Resilience – the bounce back factor!

As part of my own development, I took the opportunity to hear the story of Sehr Ahmed a talented woman who has lived and worked across multiple countries and thrived. Her journey was titled Risk and Resilience.  It got me thinking about Resilience, it’s an attribute I have always looked for when recruiting regardless of the role. Let’s face it, life isn’t a breeze! The stars don't always align, so it’s our ability to bounce back or keep going that will allow us to get through. Give it context and decide is it a papercut or a body blow if everything that goes wrong feels like a body blow we are going to struggle to bounce back.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not an advocate of saying “harden up” what I am saying is we need to develop our resilience to allow us to cope and positively see through what comes our way.

Our ability to face adversity gives us confidence that we can survive and take on challenges and not give up when things don’t go our way. With the high staff turnover levels in most industries across Asia, maybe a bigger focus on resilience is needed when looking for your next team member. Knowing you have someone in your team who can keep going when it gets tough is comforting to the rest of the team and your clients. Developing competency questions to uncover the adversity and tough times they have faced gives you some insight to knowing how people have managed difficulty in the past and a glimpse into how they will manage it in the future.

Going back to the title of Sehr Ahmed’s talk Risk and Resilience – I came, to the conclusion that the two went hand in hand. So next time you are faced with that risk, take the leap of faith knowing you have the resilience to not just cope but nail that next challenge.

If you are serious about reducing turnover and getting it right the first time, look out for the bounce back factor - resilience.