Campaign Middle East asked me to write an article for their August Issue, about what attracts creative talent to this region:

"One of the main reasons I love recruitment so much is the blissful opportunity of finding talented people for the right agency and vice versa. It is like match-making, a marriage, it’s for better and for worse. Those two talents will need to find their common ground, define ground rules, love and respect each other to be able to produce great creative work for brands (common love).

When a client consults with me looking for the right talent I feel/understand their urgency, their requirements and their need for next level talent that will raise the bar creatively and also complementing their organisation.

But what people frequently ask me is: What drives an award winning creative to work in the region?

Most would say that money is the drive. After all, it is the common drive for the majority of other professions in the Middle East.

But you know what? Knowing my candidates well as I do, I would use a completely different word to describe their key driver, I would to say CREATIVE OPPORTUNITY.

A big part of the globally awarded talent that I consult and place in the region is of course worried with stability, safety and being able to strive. But there is always that one common passion between my clients and the agencies: great creative ideas that will succeed.

I believe the global economic crisis and ongoing issues across European markets is driving talent to look for a market where they can make a genuine impact creatively. People are pushing to be valued in what they do and a maturing market like the Middle East is a great playground in which to get that recognition.

Thus most candidates, before they ask about the salary, ask me which agency it is, who the Creative Director is and if they can see the agencies or Creative Directors portfolio.

This shows passion, and the desire for creative opportunity. This puts money in second place.

So I can comfortably say that it is a pleasure when a client briefs me to look for talent. I get to talk to incredibly passionate people that are looking to succeed in something that they love so much and our market has to offer. This sets the creative marketplace apart from traditional sectors.

Salt is an amazing company that is amplifying my skills in a way that empowers me to develop the business further. Successful match-making in the creative domain is a challenging but very privileged profession, thanks to everyone for their passion!"