Do you remember how you felt on the first day in your new job? Hopefully, your laptop and phone are ready, you are set up on the system, get your company email, business cards and a badge to leave and enter the building. 

The HR teams usually try to make the onboarding as smooth as possible, maybe there is a starter pack, training, a branded coffee mug, and pen, etc. And then you meet a lot of new faces and can test your memory and networking skills. 

Besides this process which most of us have probably been through at least a couple of times, starting a new job is exciting because you finally get to know your new company from the inside - with its very specific culture, people, habits, and values. 

At Apple, new starters got a card with 11 tips to help them understand how things work and successfully adapt to their new environment. Bordering on inspirational quotes, there are some good points anyone can adapt for their own career path.

Here is the full list of Apple's rules for new starters: