In a competitive job market, employee engagement has become a challenge for business leaders. The statistics tell us, often just about 30 percent of workers are engaged, leading to skyrocketing costs and lost productivity - counting absenteeism, workplace accidents, increased health care costs and cost for new hires. 

We know that happy employees are more productive and ultimately save your organisation money. So what is the right way to create higher engagement? Is it free stuff and benefits? I must say that even though I love the fresh fruit in my office, it seems like introducing incentives, free food and other perks only scratch the surface and might create a culture of entitlement. 

Instead, treat people well, listen to them, and give them room to grow. An honest culture of trust, value, and recognition will produce engagement. As always, communication is key - an open dialogue between leadership and the team leads to a positive workplace experience. Knowing that you are looking out for the best interest of the employee is the best way to build trust and create lasting relationships with your workforce.

The infographic below shows some trends and insights you need to know before you get started: