As an increasing number of our clients are looking at and making true commercial ventures into the world of the IOT two topics are never far behind: AI and Security.

The shear volumes of data require the use of big data technologies with machine learning and AI to make real time sense of what the data means. This gives machines the ability to process, highlight and make autonomous decisions on corrective actions in a split second. This would take hours of human analysis to complete if we would even notice some of them at all. This is true of all applications of IOT from monitoring national infrastructure networks and commercial production lines to autonomous vehicles and the multitude of consumer applications that are so talked about.

Some of the biggest questions and fears about IOT are centered around security and privacy. Is my personal data secure? Can my car be hacked and controlled? Can our national electricity network be hacked?  Can someone hack my house? With an apparently endless number of applications of IOT the corresponding number of sensors and controllers that would be connected create a massive opportunity for hacking. It feels like for every possible application you can think of there is a potential abuse you can think of too. Solving this is a multifaceted and huge task that is vital to the growth of a market that proves to worth billions to both those who create it and those who use it effectively.