I had a moment the other night - I was lying in bed and couldn't sleep. It was just one of those nights where your mind is racing a mile a minute and there's no way to shut it off - probably thinking about where to place which candidate and how many subs I need to get tomorrow. I decided not to fight it and just do some browsing online until I slowly got tired (please get your mind out of the gutter). At some point I had this grand/stupid idea of searching the term "Cold Call" on YouTube - because hey, maybe there's some super guru all knowing technique that I'm not aware of. My god - what I found confused me even more...

One of the top hits was a video on a Channel by this guy named Grant Cardone - a guy who makes a living off of selling sales training solutions (Sales-ception if you will). I clicked on a video (see below, after your'e done reading this) that demonstrates how he conducts his cold call training - he's got a new trainee and wants to build the next sales superstar. I thought: "OK...this could lead somewhere". So how does he do it?

He shoves a full script in this kids face, basically orders him to memorize the whole thing and then walks away.

What?! Now I'm watching a video of this poor kid sitting there, repeating the script over and over to himself (I'll give the kid credit - he seems super motivated). Then comes the time when he has to ACTUALLY pick up the phone. He asks his supposed "mentor" what to do next. The response - "Figure it out".

Now look - I'm by no means a Sales Guru. Surely this script works to an extent, especially when this kid has to make HUNDREDS of calls a day to land 2-3 meetings (which he also doesn't get to go on, might I add). But what happens when suddenly the person on the other end goes off script? 

What happens when this kid notices theres actually another human being on the phone?

And when he then fumbles and doesn't know what to say, what's his mentor going to say? "Figure it out"? 

I mean - I'm all for learning by doing, but this baffles me. Grant Cardone SELLS SALES TRAINING and this is how he trains his employees? I'm sure there is some sort of method to his madness - but any of his other videos also show the same, how he has the "CRAZIEST PHONE CALL EVER!" or conducts "Actual Live Sales Call" training. But while watching this, all I gathered from this is that Grant Cardone is nothing but a bully.

All of his Sales Calls, while "light hearted", made me feel like he was just pressuring his clients into buying more of his product. Not at any point did I feel like this man is wanting to develop a proper relationship with his clients.

Also - these are EXISTING clients. In not a single of his videos did I see Grant Cardone himself conduct a true to life cold call to someone he's never spoken to before.

My biggest take away from this is that his channel has over 200k subscribers. So that got me thinking - what are so many people seeing that I don't see? Is there something I'm missing? Because all I see is a big, tough man not really putting his money where his mouth is.

This is where I ask you, my loyal passle followers (ha!): What is your take on this? More importantly: Would you take Sales training from Grant Cardone? Would love to see some opinions in the comments!