There is no denying that the world of recruitment is certainly changing. We are seeing more and more sophisticated tools out there that “mine” cyber-space for candidate details. This has led to heaps of doom-mongers taking perverse pleasure in predicting the death of our beloved industry.

Now, if you are working in a role where your value add is shovelling CVs then yes, you could have problems on the horizon!

At Salt, we believe that sourcing a CV is only a small percentage of the job. Just because you have someone who looks awesome on paper that’s no guarantee that you are about to write up a nice deal on your board. Very often, strong candidates don’t go to many interviews, they are committed to their current job and companies tend to reward these candidates very well. Once you have engaged with your candidate through “selling the dream” the hard work starts. Now it’s time to coach that candidate through the interview process and ensure they shine to the best of their ability.

Salt’s clients are highly successful leaders in their chosen field and often have rigorous interview processes. We feel that it’s our role to send comprehensively prepared candidates to the meeting. Thorough interview preparation, competency based questioning and CV writing advice ensures that highly engaged, motivated and enthusiastic candidates arrive ready to get the job!

As a leader in our business it’s awesome to read feedback from our candidates on how they were given comprehensive advice and guidance on the entire interview process. A question to ask yourself is are you sending through a random CV on a wing and prayer or are you confident that you have done everything in your power to help that candidate to get the job.

Happy coaching!!