In life we have all suffered failures or rejections. We have all had to fight demons and situations that have been negative and have not turned out how we envisioned. This is just part of the journey, you have to remember when a door closes another one opens to take you into a different room or on a new journey.

Failure is a sign to widen our scope and to tweak or change your methods. At the time the pain or disappointment will burn but upon reflection and changing our path, what we end up achieving is far greater than what we envisioned for ourselves.

I saw this short video and felt it was applicable to so many industries and individuals I wanted to share it. The first minute or so is a beautiful lesson in seeing our worth as people. No matter how bad things get, how clouded you feel, don't ever stop seeing your worth. If you cannot believe it, change something till you do.

Failures are only failures if we don't learn from them. Create your own value and remember as much as of a cliche it is every cloud has a silver lining.