Recruitment can be a tricky old game with lots of moving parts. When you’re involved in two way selling any party can change their mind at any time. It’s vital that you control the process throughout and are asking those difficult questions that will unearth any major concerns before it’s too late.

I firmly believe that good recruiters bring significant flair and creativity to their role. No candidate is going get excited by someone just rattling off a prescriptive job description.  Likewise, no client is going to buy your candidates if you are just giving the basic overview of their role responsibilities. 

The below are two key elements that Salt firmly believes in when working with our communities: 

Promote the talent:

At Salt, we work with highly innovative, enthusiastic, capable, successful candidates. Our clients demand the best and expect us to network with real game-changers. Should we be showcasing top talent or sending through a short list for a role we firmly believe that it's possible to pick up the phone and highlight just how that candidate can add real value. By engaging with your candidate through a deep-dive meeting you can understand their current role and responsibilities but also uncover further aspects of their personality and achievements that will enable you to promote that candidate to the hiring manager. Using the right passionate language can really enhance the chance of your candidate getting that all important interview.

Sell the dream:

The above can also be applied to working on new roles for your clients. If you are going from an old job spec then the chances of creating interest with top talent is vastly diminished. Having that thorough meeting with your client to find out the intricate details of the role, the team culture and the company benefits is essential. Once this has been done you can really create some strong desire in the role, again by using the right language and passion. At Salt, we believe we are an extension of our client and each role we work on is a fantastic, superb opportunity for a person to enrich their professional and personal life.  

Every candidate you work with you should be confident they are a great fit for your client and every role you work on should be a job you would almost love to do yourself!