The benefits of giving praise, range far and wide and send out nothing but positive energy in my experience. 

Being a family man I can vouch for the saying “it starts in the home”.  Everyday without fail I empower our three girls with positive affirmations to take away and give praise where it is well deserved.  They beam.  I mean, literally beam. And the same with my fiancé and I, we connect numerous times during the day with kind messages.  These small exchanges make all the difference when you are pushing through the daily grind. 

How about in the work place.  I for one, thrive off praise.  I probably thrive more off praise as I rapidly approach 40 years of age than when I was 25 years of age.  For one, I feel the expectation is greater so the praise less frequent, the training wheels are well and truly dust in the past but two, it feels good.  Really good.

Just last week I received an email from our CEO praising some work done.  To be completely fair, I was lost for words and it caught me by surprise.  The praise was for a good month in the business, which happens to be what I am paid to do.  The result, one very happy employee, increased trust and loyalty.  And for what, two minutes to knock out an email?

So to the point, what does a little praise actually achieve in the workplace?  This is what it achieves:

  • Productivity
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Employee Happiness
  • Retention
  • Loyalty
  • Team Culture
  • Smiles… lots and lots of them (bank these you’ll need them)

I’m no recognition or rewards guru but I do know a little praise goes a long way and for the most part it is free.

So, hey you… yes you there, doing a great job un-noticed in your cubicle.  You’re awesome, you’re appreciated and most of all – great job. Keep it up.

Over and out.