So last Friday was 'National Bring Your Dog to Work Day' so I finally brought my furry bundle of joy, Jeff into our London HQ. Although this was a bit of a logistical challenge Jeff and one I wouldn't want to have to do daily there really are a number of benefits to having your pooch by your side...

* Firstly the health benefits ....carrying an 10kg dog up and down stairs because he refuses to walk himself is a great workout for your arms and legs. 

* Having a dog in the office means getting those regular mental/ slightly physical breaks needed to focus properly. You have to pop out every few hours with your pooch so you get fresh air, exercise and time away from the blue screen! You come back feeling more energized and productive.

* Having your dog out and about all day means they are tired and you don't have to feel guilty for going to bed at 10pm and not entertaining him for longer. Jeff was fast asleep on the train within minutes of leaving the office. I wasn't far behind him -all that dead-lifting. 

* Jeff has never been the most social dog and bringing him into the office really helped bring him out of himself. He started the day cowering behind my knees in fear and by the end of the day was fully integrated into the team and really enjoyed the 3pm ice-cream run (not the actual run just the ice-cream). 

* Dogs are an instant mood booster. No one can be stressed out stroking a puppy. 

* Bringing your dog into the office makes you super popular. 

* Finally, You can take loads of photos of your dog doing recruitment related tasks for social media/blogs.