Last week I shared 5 tips for employee euphoria and this time it's all about you the employer.

This is how we make sure you keep that feeling of new starter euphoria alive and engineer success.

1: Induction is your responsibility, not HR. Don’t assume if the person was an Account Manager before, they will know how this role works in your organisation and the dynamics to consider. Involve key stakeholders in the induction.

2: Clear measurable objectives are essential to allow you to assess their success. Whilst people like to work out the how, they certainly want to know the what. Make sure they understand their role in achieving the business objectives.

3: From day one of the induction establish a framework for observation, performance and two-way feedback.

4: Set the tone early. If you see behaviours you don’t like, deal with it!  Leaving it, only reinforces the behaviour. Hard to discuss timekeeping if you have turned a blind eye to it for the first month.

5: Ask yourself, are you utilising the skills you were impressed by in the interview. If not, take note and identify ways you can, before it’s too late.

Euphoria is not just a state of mind it’s the result of an aligned employment relationship.