When recruiting UX Talent, the devil is always in the detail as UX has such a range of differing meanings to different people. The detail of the brief (even though it may have the same job title) will differ wildly from client to client, as the clients have a differing understanding of what UX is, within their context.

What is borne out in Hodgson's excellent article, is that the experts questioned have differing views concerning the one skill which is important to master when it comes to UX. This shows a critical variance in focus on the UX skills that would be required of prospective candidates. This represents a major challenge to the recruiter.

If there is one thing that this article adequately demonstrates, it's that UX is a very complex and developing discipline. As Hodgson states; "User Experience is a multi-disciplinary specialty and that means UX practitioners must master several methods, techniques, and skills."

When recruiting in the UX market, having a good grasp of the complexities of the discipline is only half the story, it is knowing what your clients grasp of UX is that matters. Without this understanding success in filling the roles will be a long shot, to say the least.

I asked a number of UX experts to consider this question: “What one UX skill or ability is the most important to master?” Then, without discussing it, comparing notes or sharing ideas, to spend just 30 minutes writing about it.