As a business owner and a recruiter by trade I am often at the coalface when it comes to the new job euphoria that hits. The honeymoon period as we sometimes refer to it when both parties are super excited about the new adventure so full of promise. Both employer and employee have invested heavily in a recruitment process ensuring the chemistry is right and the competencies and skills are aligned with the role to make it a match.

So why does it work for some and not others? I can assure you each case will have individual little quirks and reasons but with 25 years of recruitment experience I want to share with you 5 tips to ensure that euphoria lasts longer than your first pay cycle!

1: As the new employee, no matter what job you are in, seek to understand before you seek to be understood.  Let’s face it no one likes the person who wants to change everything, or criticises everything that’s been done, before they genuinely know why.  Asking questions demonstrates an interest to understand and learn.

2: Take notes! I don’t care how you do it, just do it! When people are training you, or sharing insights – take notes. There is nothing more frustrating for someone training you or giving you their valuable time to see someone nodding and smiling lots but knowing they will be asking for help the next day because they didn’t take notes. 

3: Ask for feedback, no news doesn’t equal good news.  Making sure you are on track and clear about your objectives is critical. Ask your manager for feedback – be proactive don’t wait for them to give it to you.   Be prepared to give it to.

4: Ok this is a biggie – don’t compare everything to your previous company – you are working somewhere different – not better, not worse just different.  I think everyone does that little cringe dance on the inside when they hear “ in my last company we did it like this”. Don’t get me wrong sharing ideas is a positive but if you hear yourself saying it more than once per day (and that’s generous) you are likely to get people offside pretty quickly. Find another way to deliver the idea!

5: Participate and put your hand up, figuratively speaking.  You were hired because you have something to offer so get involved. If there is a group session, give your input (keeping in mind my previous points), if there is an opportunity to be involved in a project or being an extra pair of hands, do it, even if it is something you don’t particularly love – it shows a willingness to be part of the team.

So with your positive pants on, ready to face anything that comes your way you will be sure to keep the euphoric feeling alive and well!

Follow me, there is more Euphoria to come ....