Quick post this week around my view from the Marketing recruitment desk. 

I believe I could write a blog post on the top ten questions asked over the fifteen years I’ve been at this career.  Some of those questions might raise eyebrows! 

Certainly the question “what’s happening on the market” is a question that isn’t unique to any one sector.  For example both client and candidates ask this, the person I met in the coffee que, the barista, my colleagues in different divisions, my boss (hi Ange) and everyone in between. Even my mum asks this question would you believe!

It’s a fair question considering we “specialise” and are dominant in this field globally.

May was a good month as has been this year but I’ll stick with the current state of play and keep things relevant to the most recent months.

The bulk of activity for New Zealand is the lower to mid-range.  No surprises as the more senior the roles are in responsibility, accountability, leadership and package the thinner the number of opportunities there are.  These lower to mid-range roles are your typical marketing coordinators and assistants and these sit in the mid $40,000 to low $60,000 mark.  Next we are seeing good numbers in the more traditional brand and product manager, internal communications and some DM positions and are typically around the low $70,000 up to mid $90,000 mark depending on size of the company.  Where we are seeing significant opportunity is in the ever growing and exciting digital marketing sectors.   We are receiving requests in all areas including eCommerce, acquisition, insights, CX and social media.  Typically the sweet spot here is (depending on management duties or not) is the lower end of $85,000 right through to $120,000 p.a. Goes without saying Auckland is the hot spot for opportunity numbers.

In conversation with my Aussie counterpart within the Salt family.  The feedback is that the bulk of roles are in the SME sectors and digital marketing is the hot ticket with a “sweet spot” salary range closer to $150,000 p.a.

So there we have it.  Short sharp and to the point.

Am I on point or totally missed the mark?  Let me know what you’re seeing out there “in the market”.

Cheers – Brad.