Are you a recruiter or hiring manager who is struggling with negative reviews on Glassdoor? Do you wish they would just go away because candidates are turned off by the negative comments? Glassdoor is becoming an increasingly powerful tool and we need to deal with it.

Whatever we do to build our brand, in the end, our brand is formed and defined by our audience, our employees, clients and customers. They have a voice and share their opinion. We cannot force them to have a certain opinion but we can listen, respond and show what kind of business we are striving to be.

                  “Your brand is what other people say about you                       when you are not in the room”

In times of online reviews about everything, we are forced to be transparent. There is no easy way out, e.g. by deleting comments and writing positive reviews to outbalance the negative. Even if we delete a comment, a critical view will not be changed by deleting the text. We need to form opinions by dealing with the criticism and need to be transparent. Honesty and integrity will attract candidates and help to build a good reputation.

Do not be too worried about your Glassdoor score. Even Google has ONLY got a 4.0 and the average score on Glassdoor is 3.2. And remember, after a positive experience people do not tend to write reviews. Glassdoor will therefore rather capture the negative (hopefully) exceptional experiences. 

Having only positive 5*reviews is not very credible either. Meaning a bit of criticism is good – after all no company is perfect. 

Why is it important to respond?

51% of employees are open to new positions, they will check out potential future employers on Glassdoor

62% of job seekers say social media is more credible than advertisement (they trust their peers and independent reviews)

90% of job seekers want transparency

Bad reviews can be good for business: The perception of 65% of the readers improves when companies/employers respond to criticism

What should you do next?

  • Embrace criticism and respond to the review. 
  • Us this as an opportunity to identify areas of improvement for your business. Consider actions and changes in response to specific issues.
  • Get your management to check the reviews, reports and analytics on a regular basis.
  • Communicate better with your team and use employee satisfaction surveys to capture feedback internally before people post it on external forums

How to respond

You can set up alerts to notify you about the latest reviews.

When you respond, be aware that the name of the person who responds will be displayed. This gives you the opportunity to choose the right contact to respond in case there is a department specific or regional comment.

Glassdoor’s statistics claim that people read on average the top 7 reviews, so make sure that you have at least responded to these. 

5 tips for responding to reviews:

1. Be professional

2. Say "Thank you" 

3. Address specific issues that were mentioned and explain the plan to fix them, emphasize positive progress

4. Be authentic and share information about the uniqueness and positive aspects of your business

5. Show that you care - people want to work for a company that listens and cares