We all know the theory around the saying “you get what you pay for”, so don’t feel obliged to heed my advice.  After all, I don’t want to put the whole recruitment market out of business!

I want to touch on some basics.  The easy stuff, 1-0-1 fundamentals of how to get a job like a boss.  And it shouldn’t take long.

Not many days go by without receiving a call from a person who has a great career, great skills and experience and truly has something to offer.  But have hit a wall in their search for their next employment opportunity.  They have applied to several jobs without response or aren’t getting the shoulder taps they have gotten so used to.  So find themselves having a chat with the likes of me to “stay on the radar”.  But do you really want to be “on my radar”… well, yes but ideally no, you want a new shiny job or even better a career with purpose!

The following points are a broad outline of the advice I give to help you take charge of your career rather than being one of many on my radar.  And I have so many examples of people who have taken this advice and secured an interview on their own merit.

These are very broad and it takes a bit of planning, some follow up and lean on your excellent rapport building skills. Which I know you have.

  • Get your resume in order.  Have a professional craft it for you if it isn’t easy on the eye.  Rule of thumb is 3-4 pages starting with personal details, a summary of intent, career, education and referees.
  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and the dates on your resume and career are a match.  Tighten your Facebook security settings because we are looking there too!
  • Research and list five organisations you know you are either a fit for or have always wanted to work for.  Be realistic though, have three or four that are an obvious match and one or two that push the boundaries and raise eyebrows.
  • Pick up the phone and call the HR Manager if it’s a big company or the CEO if it’s an SME.  Great Managers will always take the time to spend a few minutes on the phone with a serious caller who may help them boost the bottom line or company image.

Point four is where you shine.  Have a list of your top five strengths ready to discuss and let them know why they need to meet with you.  Be firm on why you left your previous employer and the success you experienced whilst there.  With any luck, your skills, strengths, research and great personality plus ability to sell yourself will gain you that meeting you want.  Then follow up in a few days.

Short and sharp advice and sure, there is all sorts of twists and turns that may occur when targeting new employers but in a nutshell, that is what a good recruiter does to generate interest when taking a candidate to market.  We profile, target, deliver and follow up.

So there it is.  If you have hit that invisible brick wall and need an extra push – why don’t you give this a go, you have nothing lose. 

Good luck and if you want to discuss any of these points, you are welcome to look me up and give me a call.