We've all been there, spending all day making business development calls to no avail. Then finally you strike gold and that client you have been trying to get hold of since last year has a requirement, and they are grateful for your help! Eager to start speaking to your network you take down a few details and get a job spec sent through. 

In an industry where we are often working for free doing the above is setting you and your client up for only one thing.....disappointment.

Salt work with some highly creative innovative companies who actually produce some pretty decent job specs but they only ever tell half the story. It's vital to meet with the stakeholders to drill down on the role and bring the job spec to life. The job spec often answers the basic questions (salary, location, qualifications) but to gain complete trust and buy-in of candidates we must go much further.

Finding out what the hiring manager considers the most important aspects for candidates to have covered, the culture of the company and overall reporting structure means identifying the right talent is significantly increased. 

Some of the what, why, which and who questions.....

What environment have your previous hires come from?

Who does the role report into?

What are the company culture and specific team dynamic?

What skills/experience will set the ideal candidate apart?

What steps have already been taken to fill the role?

Who has final sign-off on the role?

Which companies would ideal candidates have worked at?

Why would someone want to do this role?

We consider ourselves to be brand ambassadors of our clients, performing this  "deep dive" is providing the true consultative advice we pride ourselves on.