A couple of months ago I shared this great little piece and it's timely to revisit, especially as winter closes in on NZ, and hibernation habits start to take over, and diets... well let's just say there a reason boot camp training spikes in Spring!

I often hear "I don't have time to exercise!' (sometimes from my own lips) but like the art of sneaking vegetables into a kids meal, there's a way to get sneak some cardio in your office routine without realising you're doing yourself some good.

The part of the article I really liked was the 'walking meeting' and have put that into practice the last 2 times I headed out on client visits with a colleague. Obviously, this is at the mercy of Auckland weather and only works if the distance is manageable so you don't arrive a heaving sweaty mess to your meeting.

Early days - but so far I've found it's a great way to come up with some ideas, talk about our challenges, clear your head, get some fresh(ish) air, and rack up those Fitbit steps as a bonus!

I would love to hear your ideas on what to do around the workplace to sneak in some exercise...