Yes, I am serious – why not? If you are running a business and looking at the hard facts when making a hiring decision, let me give you some facts that will show you, you must hire a woman!

1. Women are cheaper – you can hire a woman for approx. 9.4% less than a man in the UK (That’s 10% savings! Your boss will be so proud)  Source 

2. Women work harder and more days Source 

3. Women have better education Source

4. Women in your team fulfil your company’s diversity quota Source 

5. Women will probably drink less at your Xmas bash Source (Ok, it is picking up but still less than men)

And of course, women will generally make your workplace a better place – just by gracing you with their charming presence each day. So, don’t think twice – hire a woman today!

And to all you women out there: I hope you picked up on the sarcasm. The thing is, whilst we fight for equality there is truth in the stats above. I want you to use the list above to make your expectations clear! You have an advantage, you have the education, you work hard and companies want to hire you - so please use it! Put yourself out there, claim that promotion or apply for your new dream role. You clearly deserve your … (raise, promotion, award, acknowledgement, flowers…) 😊 

And if we can help you to take the next step, please get in touch.